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Super Senso is a turn-based strategy game in which two players face off in exciting online battles that last less than five minutes. The first to destroy the enemy base wins.

The gameplay in Super Senso is simple enough to be straightforward and intuitive, but complex enough to have a wide margin for strategic outplays. On each turn, you get a certain amount of 'senso gel,' which you use to move your units around the battlefield. Of course, attacking your enemy directly isn't always the best strategy. As you get the hang of the game you'll discover all kinds of interesting rules that let you develop unique strategies.

In Super Senso you have more than twenty unique characters at your disposal, each of which can be leveled up as you play. Each unit has its own attributes, with both strong and weak points. Learning how to effectively combine your units is fundamental to coming out victorious. Sometimes, for example, a lowly soldier can be much more useful than a powerful armored tank.

Super Senso is an excellent turn-based strategy game that offers much more entertaining and deep gameplay than most of its peers in the Android catalog. On top of that, the game has great graphics and an enormous number of units and levels in which to fight.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher